Carrer Growth in MBA


The beginning of your career is mostly at an operational role. After working smartly and putting in hours of hard work you’re given a promotion. Now after the promotion you have a good work experience and academic profile, but somewhere down the line you feel stagnated. This is where an MBA degree comes handy; you can switch your career path or jump to a much higher profile with larger responsibilities.

An MBA degree is a post-graduation degree that enhances your skills set to thrive in the respective field one may choose. It’s not solely meant for marketers and can be pursued for other streams as well.

     Why MBA in Finance?

Finance is an integral part of any organization and generally is done by the math and account wizards. MBA in finance will perfect your accounting skills by inculcating teachings that sharpen your existing skills set. Even the recruiters understand that a person who has an MBA degree in Finance is more refined in his knowledge.

Why MBA in IT?

This field has gained a lot of recognition in the past few years, especially after the whole start-up frenzy. Companies need coders but also people who have good knowledge about marketing and finance, an MBA in IT teaches exactly that. Apart from assigning dedicated subjects of IT, the syllabus in this field is also polished with other important topics related to finance and marketing.

Why MBA in Marketing?

An MBA in Marketing offers specialized courses in consumer behaviour, brand and product management, promotions and marketing strategies, apart from the regular courses including advanced business strategies, human resources and finance. It is also a field that is available across this country with all the top colleges & hence it enjoys a huge popularity among the MBA aspirants.

An MBA in Marketing presents an opportunity to lead your way towards higher positions, increased salary and better career opportunities in a variety of fields. These MBA courses train you to develop a variety of business skills which can be applied and transferred to other business arenas. Also, marketing is a field that will always see some constant growth over time & the interest among the aspirants will never fizzle out.

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