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Personality Development
Leadership roles in corporate is not only about knowledge but also involves personal confidence, communication & presentations skill and strong attitude. We not only believe in them but also follow it throughout our curriculum.
Our PGDM program includes extra courses on communication and presentation skills, classroom sessions on Microsoft tools and special class for general etiquettes. These courses combined with the regular course curriculum improve overall learning and living experience. We would make sure that the learning you receive in this short two year tenure is cherished in every phase of life.

The primary goals of extracurricular activities focus on holistic growth at the individual student level, the institutional level, and at a broader community level. These activities exist to complement the college’s academic curriculum and to augment the student's educational experience.
Extracurricular activities help students gain experience in a variety of areas that will enhance their future. Through participation in sports, students learn cooperation, teamwork and time management. By serving as an officer in an organization, students learn handling responsibilities, problem solving and communication.

Our group has dealt with number of multi-national corporations giving us an in-depth assessment of the corporate culture. Our experience will definitely be a boon for our students We believe in transforming an individual to a representative of a developed society. Someone who is ready to take challenges of the life in a positive stride.

Committees – These are the official body which would be recognized by the institute. Selection of each committee’s members would be through democratic electoral process
Placement Committee (4 students and 1 faculty member) - This committee will involve 4 students and a faculty. This committee would be responsible for interacting with all the companies for the placement perspectives.
Sports Committee (4 students) – As the name suggest this committee would be responsible for taking care for all sports related activities. We would also try to conclude annual sports event across vision group of institutes.
Student Council (4 members) – This committee would be looked as representative of students in the campus. This committee would take all the issues/grievances of students with the management.
Konquest (4 members) – This students representative would be the communication face of each conquest

Clubs – These would be the unofficial groups of students formed depending on the student’s personal interest. Management would have no say in these clubs though club representatives can take advice from the faculties of respective areas. These clubs would be purely on students taken initiatives and management would do not like to involve in any working of these clubs.
Finance club (4 students) - This club would be of some Fin enthusiasts! Their major responsible would be to cultivate finance culture in campus. They would spread the knowledge and keep campus updated with happening in fin domain across globe.
Risk Management Club (4 students) – This club would be some of the insurance and risk management enthusiastic students. They will try to bring in all insurance sector related developments in the campus. They will also be responsible for holding workshops and industry visits. ent>


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