Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

The broad objective of the BCA is to prepare undergraduate students for productive careers in software industry/ academia by providing an outstanding environment for teaching and research in the core and emerging areas of the discipline. The program thrust is on giving the students a thorough and sound background in theoretical and application-oriented courses relevant to the latest computer software development. The programme emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications/networking and commercial problems. This Bachelor’s Degree Programme has been designed with a semester approach in mind. The first year courses are aimed at skills development in computers using various technologies, the second year is more focused on core courses providing a conceptual framework and the third year provides the specialization and the project work.


  • To impart computer education and enhance knowledge about computer subjects.
  • To develop better skills leading to self development and employability in computer application.
  • To upgrade the professional skills and knowledge to enable them to work as teachers, programmers, analysts etc.
  • To make the students eligible for admission in higher courses like M.Sc. (CS), MCA, M.Sc. (IT) etc.


Senior Secondary (10+2) pass or equivalent with PCM discipline from any recognized Board BCA

With the advent of the internet and the birth of information technology, the demand for ‘computer sa vvy’ personnel has grown to formidable heights and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The present job market scenario demands basic computer skills for practically every job whether it may be in a supermarket or in a corporate house, and proficiency in computers is what counts. Nowadays, the corporate world seeks, hires and retains only employees with excellent computer knowledge and skills, to enable them to stay in the competition.

With the fast growing demand for computer skills and applications, the popularity of computers in education has also increased rapidly over the past few years. Students are prefer to take up computers as their specialized field of study or pursue their educational careers in Computer Applications. India has become a hub of “techies” and Indian computer professionals are proving their mettle in the present global market. To meet the demand of the entire socioeconomic spectrum, a number of colleges now offer BCA and MCA courses all over India to train and educate fresh talent to become technologically sound and well-equipped to face the challenges of today and the days to come. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications refers to a new age undergraduate program where students are exposed to various areas of computer applications at the same time keeping abreast with the latest developments taking place in the industry. After successful completion of the course you can get placement as Executive Code-writer/ developer in any of the computer companies. Students interested in higher education can opt for MCA (Masters of Computer Applications)

Special Modules

• Advance Module on Operating System- Windows
• Advance Module on Operating System- Linux
• Basic Module on Networking
• Advance Module on Networking
• Advance Module on DBMS- MSSQL
• Advance Module on DBMS- Oracle
• Advance Module on Distributed Data Base Management System *
• Basic Module on Programming Language- VB2008.Net /VB2010.Net
• Advance Module on Programming Language- VB2008.Net /VB2010.Net *
• Basic Module on ADO using ADO 3.5 & ADO 4
• Advance Module on ADO using ADO 3.5 & ADO 4 *
• Basic Module on ASP using ASP 3.5 & ASP 4
• Advance Module on ASP using ASP 3.5 & ASP 4 *
• Advance Module on CAD